About AlphaFit

ALPHAFIT was founded by Hayati Nuffus, pioneer female kettlebell athlete and9 years fitness experience since 2009. Actively participating in CrossFit and competing in Kettlebell Sport also known as Girevoy Sport internationally, she aims to achieve a high standard of Kettlebell Lifting in Asia. Having attended the Kettlebell Coach Certification by IKFF (International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation) IKSFA (International Kettlebell Sport and Fitness Academy) and KETACADEMY, she feels a need to grow the sport in Asia so she and her team, working closely with her Coach Honorary Master of Sport Sergey Merkulin 16x world Champion organized the very first ASIAN Kettlebell Championship 2013. She managed to round up 90 participants from over 12 countries – Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, India, Australia, USA, Russia and even the national team of Kazakhstan competed in the event. It was the biggest Kettlebell event Asia has seen and to further promote the sport, a second competition named “Singapore Kettlebell Meet” was organized in conjunction with Powerlifting and Weightlifting meet in the National Strength Classics 2013 in July 2013. AlphaFit has never looked back since!

Alphafit provide members with a motivational training environment where like-minded individuals can come and train together, in a real environment achieving real results. There is no tv, or useless juice bars or fancy locker rooms. You will find serious people, serious equipments, camaraderie and of course structured training program to help you achieve your fitness goals. Alphafit also runs special workshops (for eg; weightlifting and gymnastics) and nutrition talks by invited guests and national athletes to further assist members to get to their desired results. We are committed to ensuring our members are completely satisfied with the quality of the services be it personal training or fitness classes and support they receive on an ongoing basis. The more committed you are to your goals, the more committed we become to YOUR goals.

As Pat Riley says:

There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either in or out. There’s no such thing as a life in-between.

AlphaFit is the official training centre in Singapore for WASKC (World Association of Kettlebell Sports Club) and Asian Union of Kettlebell Lifting in Asia.