Our Coaches

Hayati Nuffus
Head Coach


ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
CROSSFIT Level 1 Trainer
IKFF Kettlebell Level 1 Trainer
IKSFA Kettlebell Sports Coach Level 1
KETACADEMY Kettlebell Sports Coach Level 1
ACE Pre and Post Natal Certified Trainer
Rehab Essentials (Australia)



Organizer of Asian Kettlebell Championship 2013, 2017,
AUKL Invitational 2014,
Singapore Strength Classic 2013, 2016
Competed in:
IKFF Hong Kong Kettlebell Open 2011
IKSFA Hong Kong Kettlebell Competition 2012
OKC Japan Kettlebell Championship 2012
IUKL Open European Kettlebell Championship 2012 (Belgorod, Russia) – First female Asian athlete
IKSFA Asian Kettlebell Championship 2013 (SG)

IKFF Thailand Kettlebell Championship 2013
Asia Pacific Kettlebell Championship 2014
WAKSC St. Petersburg White Night Kettlebell Competition 2014
Jakarta Kettlebell World Cup 2015
WAKSC Japan Kettlebell Championship 2015
WAKSC Malaysia Kettlebell Championship 2016
WAKSC Asian Kettlebell Championship 2017 (SG)
WAKSC Taiwan Kettlebell Championship 2017
WAKSC Asian Grand Prix Bali 2017
WAKSC Kecskemet Kettlebell Competition 2017

…Upcoming… Arnold’s Classic Melbourne March 2018

 Blaming the genes for giving her the pear shaped, she thought she was destined not to be able to wear nice clothes and shop at a ’normal’ retail outlet in Singapore. And then, she met Kettlebells and Crossfit. The HEAVIER she lift, the smaller her “pear” became. Losing inches and changing the whole body shape through lifting weights, she was more determined than ever to help others change their body shape through the benefits of combining cardiovascular endurance training and weight training together. She started AlphaFit on Dec 2011 and have never looked back since.
She is also AUKL’s (Asian Union of Kettlebell Lifting) vice president and the first female Asian to compete in a kettlebell championship in Russia in May 2012. Further inspired by her kettlebell mentor and coach, Sergei Merkulin 16x world champion, she organized the first Asian Kettlebell Championship 2013 in March 2013 at United World College S.E.A. with a record of 90 participants from 12 countries which includes the national team of Kazakhstan, USA, Russia, Australia and many southeast Asian countries.
Read more about her on www.hayatinuffus.com

Jenn Tan
Kettlebell Coach

Inspired by her own weight loss of 20kg, Jenn is determined to help others achieve their fitness goal. If there is anyone who knows about perseverance and motivation, it’s Jenn. She lost 20kg from 2010 to 2012 and is now a personal trainer inspiring others around her as well as actively competing in the kettebell championships in the region such as Japan and Hong Kong. She also won the best biathlon in the Asian Kettlebell Championship 2013 organized by AlphaFit.


FISAF Certified Personal Trainer
CROSSFIT Level 1 Trainer
IKFF Kettlebell Level 1 Trainer
IKSFA Kettlebell Sports Coach Level 1&2
KETACADEMY Kettlebell Sports Coach Level 1&2
Rehab Essentials (Australia)
Weightlifting Level 1 Coach

Kai Chin Tan (KC)
Movement Coach

A little known fact is, just 6 years ago KC weighed a hefty 88kg due to an excessive lifestyle of drinking and smoking. He decided to take charge of his health and through nutritional and exercise strategies, he has regained his physical competencies and at 35 years of age is not afraid to try activities meant for ‘younger folk’. Come train with KC and experience how you can move better and rehab yourself with predominantly just body weight and kettlebells.


NCAP Level One theory
NCAP Technical Level One Wrestling
NCAP Technical Level One Weightlifting
Rehab Trainer Certified
IKFF Level 1&2 Certified Kettlebell  Teacher
A.D.A.P.T Level one Parkour Instructor
M.E.T: Movement Efficiency Trainer

Faizan Hussain
Kickboxing Coach

Started out Muay Thai in 2009 and have always been active in sporting arena.
His passion for fitness through bodyweight exercises and fundamentals led him to a


– KetAcademy Level 1 Kettlebell Sports Coach

– 6 years Muay Thai experience learning under various Lumpinee champions
He is also a 
– blue belt in BrazilianJiu Jitsu
– affiliated wth Sor Sumalee Camp in Ubon, Ratchathani
– Ketacademy Level 1 Certified kettlebell sports Coach 

Faizan is currently a full time professional and still active through martial arts.

Kickboxing Coach

Started boxing in 2006 under tutelage of Syed Kadir before training under world champion, Yodsanan Sityodtong.


She has 
– over 10 years experience
– trained under various world champions
– 5 years of Muay Thai training under the Sityodtong banner
– had 5 pro fights

Candice is currently a full time professional and still active in her boxing training.

Kick boxing trainer

Ron started his martial arts journey in 2000 learning aikido. He then moved into Philippino Martial arts (Arnis), BJJ, Muay Thai and finally MMA

He is trained by Kru Noi of Winner Muay Thai Pattaya. 

He is
– Singapore Fighting Championship Amateur MMA lightweight champion
– KBX amateur Muay Thai winner
– Affiliated with Kru Noi of Winner Muay Thai Pattaya

Ron is currently a full time professional with two kids but still maintains an active fitness lifestyle.