Thomas Keller

Its all about being healthy

(Coach: Tan Kai Chin)

I love my workouts at Alphafit because they are the perfect counterbalance to my office job. In addition they keep me fit and teach me that I am physically much more capable than I previously thought.

However I injured my left lower leg twice, both times during a very simple rope skipping exercise. When I recovered from the second injury Hayati suggested that before I go back to my regular workout, I should do some rehab work with KC Tan.

Until I started working with KC, I never spent a thought on why I often lost my balance when doing things like standing on one leg or doing lunges. KC analyzed my posture and body movement and it became clear that my hips are quite asymmetric, which leads to higher workload for my left leg. This explained the repeated injuries to my left leg, but also the balance problems.

While working with KC I also noticed that I did not understand how my muscles and tendons work when my body moves. While I have been doing gym workouts for years, I had never put a lot of thought into my posture during exercise or even when working or sitting. While people often told me to activate my core, I never spent a lot of time thinking about what this means! I have now worked with KC for several months, first doing rehab on my leg, but then it simply became a learning exercise about my body, learning about activating my latissimus dorsi muscles to improve pull-ups, strengthening my hips for the lunges, generally improving my balance, strengthening my core and learning to use my abs properly.

For me working with KC has been a revelation. I learned things about my body that I never knew, and I realized that with a little bit of work, I can improve my posture and reduce injury risks. All of these things have helped me in everyday life, but also allowed me to be more effective when I work out with Hayati.