Teo Wan Soon

Its all about being healthy

(Coach: Jenn Tan)

She is my angel coach!

Tough yet gentle! Strict yet accommodating!

The journey started when my little gals started to comment that mummy has a big tummy. I made a move to attend a course that introduces weight management tactics . During that course, kettlebell was introduced. I was curious, I wanted something fast tat I can balance my time between work, exercise and my family. Kettlebell seems to fit the bill. It does not take long time, I can do at home and the only piece of equipment is the kettlebell. Did a google search for kettlebell courses. I found AlphaFit-Hayati Nuffus training centre. The founder, Hayati heard my story and she brought my angel coach to my life, Jenn.

The personal training journey begins. Jenn seems to read my body every well. This body of mine had not been through any form of exercise before, could not press a 8 kg kettlebell, could not do v-ups, could not do proper sit ups, could not do burpees, not to mention flipping a 90kg tire. She managed to plan the exercise routine. She knows how to push my limits and how to motivate me, providing me the dietary advise.

Strict she is, tough she is. Every time when I had thought I reached my limits, she never fails to convince me that I can do more. I am a 1′s and 0′s person and my body seems to react the same way. She patiently corrected my postures and showed me the right tactics. The tough part was the intensity workout session, where at times, you would wish it to be over and done with asap. Whenever i had those thoughts and starts to slows down, my angel would just encourages me on and on. Each time i finishes the session, her Hi Five hand strike is a form of recongition and it is my prize. It perks me up. The process is tough but I DID it.

Almost 2 months passed since I started personal training, I have moved from size L to M. I can now do swings on a 12 kg and press using a 10kg, flip the 90 kg tire 3 sets of 5. The fats are reducing and the muscle mass is increasing. Metabolic age moved from 39 to 32.

Jenn, I would not have done it without your patience, coaching and motivation. It is amazing when the training is tough and yet I am looking forward to the classes each time. From someone who does not like to sweat at all to someone who is sweating profusely twice a week. You have transformed me to a healthier and fitter person.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Jenn.

Thank you, Hayati my angel grandcoach for the recommended training classes and instructor, Jenn. I know you are watching me from a far.

And now I can tell you that I am confident to join the more intense kettlebell classes. I know I am going to regret saying this but with faith, YES I CAN.

Love you both.